“Failure to Launch” Syndrome

Failure to Launch (or FTL) is a slogan that defines a young person who is having a gradually difficult time development and transitioning into the next stage of development adulthood. This period of life of adult contains greater individuality and responsibilities. It also requires depending less on parents and other adults to complete jobs and manage day-to-day living. In many under-developed countries, children depend on their parents for their expenditures. While in most of developed countries, children have to work to meet their expenses. Some of children totally depend on their parent. So we can say that they are not independent. Of course, transition from childhood to adult is difficult and some time, it is problematic. Many young adults will need extra support at some point during the transition to adulthood. This may include a stretch at home with parents, but that does not mean all young adult children living with their parents are “failing” to launch. Failure to launch syndrome can only be measured after a long period of reliance from the adult child, without prominent progress or motivation. There are different causes of failure to launch. It may be included, autism disorder or any other mental illness, enabling and influencing factors, and substance- abuse. It can be divided into mild, moderate, and severe. It can be treated by different ways.

To live at home, they should be compulsory to pay to the household. They can fund by getting an education, having a job, paying rental, or gentle for others in the home. Allow your child to take responsibility and learn to face the hard parts of growing up. If a mental health issue appears to be field her/him back, look for a therapist who focuses in the area they are stressed. In therapy, with the help of different techniques, person might be able to recognize and accept his/her responsibilities and duties.


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